Best Pet Insurance Companies and Plans in 2023

Best Pet Insurance Companies and Plans in 2023

Best Pet Insurance Companies and Plans in 2023

It’s crucial to keep your pet healthy as part of animal care, and you may eventually need to pay for high vet expenses as well as required wellness or medical procedures.

A pet insurance plan can help cover these costs and safeguard your pet in case of illness or injury. The Guides Home Team evaluated the top pest insurance companies based on a number of important criteria to help you select the best pet insurance plan. We then gathered our top suggestions.

Top Pet Insurance Providers

To decide which companies to suggest to readers, we examined and contrasted each one based on details such as monthly costs, standing in the sector, and covered treatments. For evaluations of the best pet insurance providers, continue reading.

Lemonade: Cheapest Programs

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Why Lemonade was Selected
As the provider of pet insurance with the most reasonable rates, we settled on Lemonade. Customers all throughout the country may get pet insurance as well as other forms of insurance from Lemonade. Its pet insurance plans are more reasonably priced than those of many rivals,

with monthly premiums starting at about $10. This makes them especially tempting to pet owners trying to save money. Managing your pet’s health, making claims, and keeping track of your policy’s coverage and costs are all made possible via Lemonade’s outstanding and user-friendly smartphone app.

has an optional $100,000 yearly coverage maximum, which is more than many rivals. has a two-day accident waiting period, which is less time than other pet insurance companies. offers a 10% discount if you combine Lemonade’s renters or homeowners insurance with pet insurance.

Protection and Plans

One pet insurance plan from Lemonade provides coverage for ailments and accidents, including diagnostic testing, hospital stays, surgery, cancer treatments, fixing fractures or sprains, prescription drugs, and more. Preexisting diseases, elective or cosmetic surgeries, and behavioral therapies are not covered by Lemonade.

For an extra monthly fee, Lemonade offers a preventative care add-on that covers expenses for a wellness check-up, a heartworm test, blood testing, and three vaccinations. A vet visit, exam costs, and coverage for physical therapy procedures like chiropractic and acupuncture can all be included.

15 states, including Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming, do not presently provide pet insurance via Lemonade.

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Most Customizable Spot

Why We Selected This Location
Due to its yearly limit options ranging from $2,500 to limitless, which let pet owners to obtain the ideal level of coverage at an affordable price, we selected Spot as our most adjustable pet insurance option. For pet owners looking for a cheap accident-only coverage,

Spot Pet Insurance is the best option. The coverage from Spot also include a few things that not many other pet insurance companies do, such exam costs and microchipping.

Protection and Plans

Since Spot employs the United States Fire Insurance Company as its underwriter, its general coverage is comparable to that of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. For unexpected injuries or other ailments, like as dental disease, cancer, heart disease, and more, it offers an accident-only plan and an accident-and-illness coverage package. Preexisting conditions are not covered by Spot’s pet insurance, like they are with other companies.

The Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan are Spot’s two add-on options for preventative care. The Platinum Plan offers $450 in yearly coverage for everything in the Gold Plan plus spay and neutering, bloodwork, and more, while the Gold Plan offers $250 in annual coverage for wellness services including dental cleanings, vaccinations, fecal testing, and more.

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Embrace: Our Favorite Savings App and the Reasons Why Embrace

The extra savings that Embrace gives pet owners stand out. These savings include a 10% discount for every additional pet coverage you buy, a 5% military discount, and a 10% employee discount for businesses that provide Embrace pet insurance.

The Healthy Pet Deductible benefit from Embrace gives pet owners $50 off of their co-payment for each year they don’t submit a claim. If your pet avoids illness or injury for a number of years, this benefit might reduce your deductible to $0. Because of Embrace’s low price, it is also included in our article on inexpensive pet insurance.

Protection and Plans

Your pet’s injuries, illnesses, chronic conditions, hip dysplasia, and other conditions that necessitate procedures or treatments, such as alternative therapies, cancer treatments, emergency care,

surgery, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, and more, are all covered by Embrace’s single accident-and-illness plan. Among other things, Embrace does not cover the price of elective treatments or previous condition-related charges.

For coverage of up to $250, $450, or $650 per year for preventative care, Embrace provides an optional Wellness Rewards Plan. It covers veterinary appointments and treatments, including annual physicals, immunizations, microchipping, grooming, spay or neutering, anal expression, and more.

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Our Choice for Unlimited Coverage Is Healthy Paws

Why Healthy Paws was the choice
Because Healthy Paws has unlimited annual and lifetime coverage caps, unlike other pet insurance companies like Lemonade or Embrace, it is our top choice for unrestricted coverage.

This advantage spares policyholders the anxiety of exceeding a coverage limit and footing hefty vet fees out of pocket. The monthly premiums for unlimited coverage plans from rivals Prudent Pet and Spot are more expensive than Healthy Paws’ monthly prices.

Protection and Plans

Accidents and diseases are covered by the same plan at Healthy Paws. For veterinary procedures including X-rays, lab testing, prescription medicine, hospitalization, nursing care, required medical supplies, and euthanasia, it provides limitless reimbursements.

Coverage for elective operations, diseases that have already been identified, boarding, microchipping, and hip dysplasia are among the exclusions (within the first 12 months of the policy).

Healthy Paws doesn’t provide a lot of personalization even though all of its insurance come with limitless yearly coverage caps. It doesn’t provide a wellness coverage add-on either, so people who seek coverage for preventative care may not find it to be the ideal option.

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Most Variable Reimbursement Rates (Figo)

Why Figo was the choice
Our experts determined that Figo, which received 4.2/5 stars in accordance with our ranking system, is the finest pet insurance provider with adjustable reimbursement rates. Most businesses only pay back 90% of vet bills, however Figo offers a 100% entire reimbursement option.

Additionally, the provider offers limitless yearly benefits as well as a number of practical add-ons to make your plan all-inclusive, such liability coverage for harm or damage your pet does.

Protection and Plans

Three levels of accident and sickness insurance are available from Figo. While the Preferred plan offers $10,000 in coverage each year, the Essential plan only covers $5,000.

The covered vet expenses under the Unlimited plan are limited by your policy limits rather than any yearly coverage constraints. Each of Figo’s plans includes coverage for costs associated with unexpected medical visits, tests, surgeries, and other injuries and disease treatments.

In some areas, Figo also provides wellness insurance that covers recurring medical expenses like checkups and dental work. You have a choice of an annual wellness fee of $135 or $250, raising your rates proportionately.

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Most Wellness Plan Options with Wagmo

Why We Decided on Wagmo
Wagmo can be an excellent choice if you value preventative coverage. More wellness coverage alternatives are available from the provider than from any other business on this list. Additionally, it offers a 100% refund rate option and has positive client feedback.

Wagmo is accessible all around the country, provides a variety of discounts, and will pay up to $100,000 in claims over the course of your pet’s lifespan.

The company explains on its website why its coverage restrictions are what they are, breaking out how, with other carriers that provide unlimited coverage, you can find up paying for coverage you don’t need.

Protection and Plans

Prescription drugs, urgent veterinary care, surgeries, hospital stays, X-rays, cancer treatment, inherited and congenital disorders, hip dysplasia, end-of-life care, and other expenses are all covered by Wagmo’s single accident-and-illness pet insurance plan.

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For accident and sickness claims, the waiting time is 15 days; for cancer treatments, it is 30 days. Over the course of a pet’s lifespan, Wagmo will pay up to $100,000 in claims and up to $10,000 per occurrence.

Wagmo offers three alternatives for wellness coverage, compared to the one or two offered by the majority of other carriers. With any wellness program, you may anticipate the following:

Value Plan: With the Value plan, you can get reimbursement for eligible costs up to $350 annually. Two vaccinations, one session of regular bloodwork, one fecal test, and one routine wellness assessment are all covered yearly. When added to an insurance plan, this plan costs an extra $20 per month.

Classic Plan: For approved wellness expenses, the Classic plan will reimburse you up to $650 yearly. Three vaccinations, one round of regular bloodwork, one fecal test, and one urinalysis are covered annually, in addition to a $100 grooming allowance and $100 for flea, tick, and heartworm medicine. The monthly cost of this plan is $36.

Deluxe Plan: With the Deluxe plan, you can get reimbursement for eligible preventive costs up to $1,100. Two yearly wellness checks, four vaccinations, one round of checkup bloodwork, one fecal test, and one urinalysis are all included, in addition to $200 in flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, $200 in grooming, and $100 in dental treatment. The monthly cost of this plan is $59